Handbook of Ophthalmic AO
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Alfredo Dubra

Associate Professor, Ophthalmology, Stanford University

Dr. Dubra obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Physics from the Universidad de la República in Uruguay, where he worked in the Applied Optics group led by Dr. Jose Ferrari. He then pursued a Ph.D. degree in physics in the Blackett Laboratory at Imperial College London, under the supervision of Dr. Chris Dainty and Dr. Carl Paterson. There he worked on ophthalmic wavefront sensing as a student and later in adaptive optics as a postdoctoral fellow. This was followed by a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. David R. Williams at the Center for Visual Science at the University of Rochester, working on ophthalmic adaptive optics. After joining the faculty of the Flaum Eye Institute of the University of Rochester and later the Eye Institute of the Medical College of Wisconsin, Dr. Dubra joined the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford University His research interests include the advancement and dissemination of ophthalmic adaptive optics for retinal imaging, aiming to improve the diagnosing and management of ocular, systemic and neuro-degenerative conditions.

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